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We specialize in fitting contact lenses and helping our patients with various vision needs. We use the latest lens materials and lens technology. We specialize in hard-to-fit contact lens patients and prescribe almost every type of contact lens from all the major manufacturers including:


  • Soft Daily Disposable
  • Soft Extended Wear Disposable
  • Bifocal and Multifocal designs for Presbyopia and Myopia Management
  • Toric lenses for Astigmatism
  • Specialty lenses for Keratoconus, Dry Eyes, Aphakia & Color Deficiency
  • Rigid Gas permeable
  • Hybrid and Scleral Lenses
  • Custom Designs
  • Cosmetic Colored lenses to enhance or change eye color
  • Special Effect Theatrical Cosmetic/ Novelty lenses


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Top Reasons to Purchase Contacts from Us:


100% Guarantee

  • You are guaranteed to receive the correct lenses in the correct prescription. If your lenses are not performing properly, we will correct the problem.


Authorized Distributor

  • You will receive your lenses from an authorized distributor of the brand you wear- always fresh and pure, never expired, and with 100% FDA approval.


Free Replacements

  • If you ever have a defective or torn non-custom lens, we will replace it free of charge.


Hassle Free

  • Exchange or return unopened, non-expired boxes purchased at this office for any reason, in its original condition within a year.


Fast & Free Direct Shipping

  • Most orders ship the same day. Free standard shipping on annual supplies.


Competitive Pricing

  • Our contact lens prices are extremely competitive, plus manufacturers’ rebates and yearly discounts are available.


Safe, Easy, Convenient Ordering

  • Order online on our website and by phone.


Use Your Vision Insurance

  • We will help you get the maximum savings from your insurance plans.


Use Your FSA or HSA

  • Use your flexible spending account (FSA)/ health savings account (HSA) all year long for your eye care and contact lenses.


Support Small Business

  • You have the satisfaction of supporting a small local business. We appreciate your business! We care about you and your eyes!


Contact Lens Subscription Plan


Our Contact Lens Subscription Plan is a natural choice for people who wear contacts regularly. It is an automated soft contact lens re-ordering service that allows you to pay and receive your

contact lenses with shipping options of your choice. You get:



  • Hassle-free refills with automatic delivery when you need them.



  • Enrollment is free and the ability to easily manage your subscription details



  • Flexibility to cancel the plan at any time or reschedule delivery

Shipping options that fit your needs

Every 3 months: 4 shipments

Every 6 months: 2 shipments


Here is How it Works


  • Choose your contact lenses and enter your personal details.
  • Select the quantity of boxes you would like delivered with each refill.
  • Your delivery frequency will be calculated based on your initial order quantity and will automatically deliver refills until your prescription expires.